Dog Bite and Cat Bite Litigation Consultant and Expert Witness


Question: Why do you need a dog bite expert when your state has a strict liability statute?

Answer: When the defense does not accept full liability for your clients injuries.

A dog bite expert can support your case by:

  1. Letting the defense know you are serious.
  2. Evaluating the dog and owner and videotaping the evaluation. Many jurors feel that the evaluation video is the most powerful evidence they examine.
  3. Wound Evaluation - direct evidence of the seriousness of the attack and the dogs intention to do harm.
  4. Providing testimony on important areas such as:
    1. Provocation
    2. Landlord knowledge of dangerous propensity
    3. Dogs prior behavioral history
    4. Owner negligence
    5. Proper containment of the dog
    6. Proper handling of the dog
    7. Dynamics of the attack
  5. Assisting in areas of litigation such as:
    1. Preparing in-depth deposition questions
    2. Securing evidence
    3. Impeachment of opposing expert
    4. Neutralizing false claims made by opposing council
    5. Interviews, investigation, inspection
    6. Revealing weaknesses in opposing councils arguments


33 years direct hands on experience as a canine behavioral consultant and trainer

  • Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Examiners
  • Licensed Animal Evaluator
  • Approved Evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program
  • Has given testimony over 200 times nationwide
Tel: 310-376-0620 Fax: 310-545-0300
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