Dog Bite and Cat Bite Litigation Consultant and Expert Witness


A.A.    Queensborough Community College,1969
B.A.    Queens College-Psychology,1972

1978, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DOG TRAINING- trainer (obedience and protection)


1981-Present. Owner, BEST BEHAVIOR, Training for Dogs, Cats and the people who love them. Also behavioral consultant, trainer, lecturer, writer. Responsible for personally training 10,000 dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments and their owners.

1984-1991, Affiliate Member, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. Only animal behavior consultant accepted as affiliate member. Lectured on Canine Behavior and Canine aggression at several association meetings.

1985, Trainer/Consultant. Royce International. Subject of nationally distributed training video.

1986-Present. Feline behavioral consultant to owners of over 600 cats with behavioral problems involving litter box problems, fearfulness and aggression.


1987-2001, Numerous seminars to veterinarians and their staff on dealing with canine and feline behavior problems as well as handling, containment and control of dogs in their care.

1987- 1995 Consultant, CITY OF MANHATTAN BEACH. Trained animal control officers in identifying and dealing with dangerous dogs. Performed duties as special consultant to city on animal problems such as barking, disputes etc.

1988, Consultant/lecturer, PETLAND INC., third largest pet retailer in U.S. National tour training store owners and managers in canine behavior, temperament evaluation and training.

1988,Trainer/Consultant, HOME PET TRAINING INSTITUTE. Subject of internationally distributed video on training techniques and dealing with behavior problems in dogs.

1989-1995. Consultant, CITY OF HERMOSA BEACH. Trained animal control officers in identifying and dealing with dangerous dogs.

1989-1995. Pet Columnist, BEACH REPORTER, Manhattan Beach, CA. Monthly column on people and their pets with a readership of over 90,000 people. Articles covering canine and feline behavior as well as training tips and information on the human/animal companion bond.

1989-1995. Pet Columnist, PALOS VERDES PENINSULA NEWS, Palos Verdes, CA. Weekly column on people and their pets with a readership of over 25,000 people. Articles covering canine and feline behavior as well as training tips and information on the human/animal companion bond.

1989, Behavioral Consultant, ANIMAL MEDICAL GROUP, Manhattan Beach, CA. Treated clients of clinic with behavioral problems at veterinary clinic offices.

1989, Dog Trainer, conducted training classes at AIRPORT KENNEL INN, El Segundo, CA. This facility owned and operated by David Neilson, DVM and an adjunct to several veterinary clinics.

1990, Lecturer, HILLS PET PRODUCTS, one of the largest producers of premium pet foods in the world, invited speaker on canine behavior and temperament balancing during five city tour of Japan presented by Hills to Veterinarians, Retailers and Dog Trainers.

1990-1992, "YOU AND YOUR PET," host of weekly radio show on KFOX 93.5FM, Los Angeles. Focusing on canine and feline behavior, problems and human/animal relationships.

1992, Behavioral Consultant, COAST PET CLINIC, Hermosa Beach, CA. Treated clients of clinic with behavioral problems at veterinary clinic offices.

1992-1994, Co-Host, weekly cable television show "MANHATTAN PETS", on people, pets and the community. Focusing on canine and feline behavior as well as that of rabbits and other pets. Also focused on the human/animal companion bond.

1993-1996, Columnist, Articles published nationally by PETLAND, national pet shop chain and used as educational tools for staff and customers.

1994, Pet Columnist, PETLAND GAZETTE, an international pet magazine with a readership of over 200,000 people.

1994-2000, Pet Columnist, EASY READER, South Bay newspaper with readership of over 94,000 people covering Palos Verdes, Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach, California.

1994, Lecturer, seminar on feline behavior problems given to staff of the CAT CARE CLINIC, Redondo Beach, CA.

1995, Dog Trainer, Dog training classes given at BAY ANIMAL HOSPITAL, Manhattan Beach, CA.

1995, Lecturer, seminar given to staff and clients of BAY ANIMAL HOSPITAL, Manhattan Beach, CA.

1995, Writer, "Dog's Behavior Reflects Owner's Behavior." Published by DOG FANCY magazine, the largest dog magazine in the United States for dog owners and pet professionals.

1995, Writer, "Common Misunderstandings About Dogs." Published by DOG WORLD, the larges selling dog magazine in the world for dog owners and pet professionals.

1995, Behavioral Consultant, CLARMAR ANIMAL HOSPITAL, Torrance, CA. Treated clients with behavioral problems in veterinary clinic offices.

1995, Pet Columnist, CALIFORNIA PET TRADER. Wrote monthly column on dog behavior and human/canine relationships.

1995, Writer, Series of articles accepted for publication in PET SERVICES JOURNAL, the Journal for the American Boarding Kennel Association and the American Grooming Shop Association.

1995, Consultant on Canine Behavior, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA HUMANE SOCIETY (Los Angeles S.P.C.A.), for cities of Beverly Hills, Culver City, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Palos Verdes Estates, Lomita, Gardena, Hawthorne and Lawndale.

1995, Writer, DOG WORLD MAGAZINE, Article on canine behavior and human/canine relationships by the worlds largest all breed dog magazine.

1995, Certified Animal Evaluator # EV105, completed animal evaluator course and passed written exam given by the DELTA SOCIETY, an international organization dedicated to the human/animal companion bond.

1995, Educator, SANTA MONICA COLLEGE, Continuing Education. One day seminar covering canine behavior and the human/canine companion bond.

1996, Consultant, DISPUTE RESOLUTION SERVICES, on canine behavior and pet problems for the cities of Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach.

1996, Lecturer, GUIDE DOGS FOR THE BLIND, invited speaker for group who raises puppies for the program.

1996, Lecturer, Invited speaker to the SAN PEDRO OBEDIENCE CLUB, An organization of amateur and professional obedience instructors.

1996, Lecturer, Invited speaker to approximately 1750 professional dog trainers at the national 1996 TRAINING PEOPLE AND THEIR DOGS IN THE 90'S, 3rd annual educational conference and trade show. This conference is given annually by the ASSOCIATION OF PET DOG TRAINERS in different cities in the U.S.

1997, Lecturer, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL PET SITTERS, featured speaker at national conference in San Francisco, CA, November 97.

1997, Consultant, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA HUMANE SOCIETY AND ASPCA, contributed to new departmental handbook regarding handling of dog bite incidents and aggressive dogs by animal control officers.

1997, Lecturer, CENTER FOR APPLIED ANIMAL BEHAVIOR, one day seminar on canine behavior, human/animal companion bond and training skills for professional and amateur dog trainers in Milwaukee, WI.

1997, Consultant/Lecturer, DON BROWN PRODUCTIONS, video presentation on dealing with, containing, handling and controlling dangerous dogs for people whose professions put them at risk of injury from dog attack.

1997-2000, Dog Trainer, PET WONDERS, a division of Manhattan General Incorporated. Designed and led dog training classes, did one on one training and behavior lectures for staff and customers. 

1998, Lecturer, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL PET SITTERS, featured speaker for national conference held in Orlando, Florida.

1998, Educator, One day seminar DOGS AND THEIR PEOPLE, given at Pierce College, continuing education, covering canine behavior and human/canine relationships.

1998, Lecturer, INSTRUCTORS WORKSHOP, given at the Pasadena Humane Society.

1998, Writer, YOU AND YOUR DOG, pet columnist for international magazine on dog behavior, nutrition and care for the IAMS COMPANY, leading international producer of premium dog food.

1998, Technical Advisor, review of book produced by the IAMS COMPANY as guide to new pet owners adopting dogs and cats from animal shelters. Book covers areas of behavior, training, nutrition and daily care of pets.

1998, Technical Advisor, seated on advisory board of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL PET SITTERS.

1998, Consultant, AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION, special task force focusing on new legislation designed to prevent dog bites in the United States.

2000, Lecturer, Invited speaker for annual convention of AMERICAN BOARDING KENNEL AND GROOMING ASSOCIATION in Chicago, Illinois.

2001, LOS ANGELES TIMES, Interviewed by Terence Monmaney for article titled, "Dog Bite King" Is a New Breed of Attorney.

2006, Lecturer, Invited speaker by FARMERS INSURANCE to give seminar on Defending Dog Bite Cases for in-house attorneys.

2007, Lecturer, Invited speaker by MERCURY INSURANCE to give seminar on Defending Dog Bite Cases for insurance adjusters

2008, Lecturer, Invited speaker by STATE FARM INSURANCE to give seminar on Defending Dog Bite Cases for in-house attorneys and insurance adjusters.

2009, Lecturer, Invited speaker by ALLSTATE INSURANCE to give regional seminar for all in-house attorneys in California on Defending Dog Bite Cases.

2010, Consultant, INSAMLINGSSTIFTELSEN DJURENS JURISTER, animal rights organization in Malmo, Sweden.

2010-Present,LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT, placement on approved panel of experts.

2011, Lecturer, Invited speaker for COLORADO ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS ASSOCIATION, spring convention in Lakewood, Colorado. Lectured on canine aggression, investigation of dog bite cases and dealing with dangerous dogs.

2011, Lecturer, invited speaker by CSE INSURANCE COMPANY for two regional seminars titled "State of the Art Investigation of Dog Bite Cases," for attorneys and adjusters.

2011, Lecturer, Invited speaker for MANHATTAN BEACH ANIMAL CONTROL and HERMOSA BEACH ANIMAL CONTROL on canine aggression, investigating dog bite cases and proper handling and containment of aggressive dogs.

2011, Consultant, HERMOSA BEACH ANIMAL CONTROL, on all dog related issues.

2012, LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL, Interviewed by Antonio Planas and Brian Haynes for article on child fatality as result of a dog attack.

2013, PORTLAND PRESS HERALD, Interviewed by Karen Antonacci for article about issues regarding having dogs allowed off leash on beach.

2013, Technical Consultant, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL. Reviewed and advised on story pages and content for DO OR DIE show regarding how to survive a dog attack by multiple dogs

2015, Co-Author, JOURNAL OF THE CALIFORNIA DENTAL ASSOCIATION, The Forensic Dentist: An Overview of Expert Roles in Animal Bite-Mark Investigations, Co-written with Kenneth Cohrn, D.D.S.

  • 1987, Los Angeles TImes, "Pit Bulls in L.A.- What should be done?"
  • 1987, CBS news, ABC news, NBC news. Story about "Hero", a stray dog that gained national attention when he stayed by his wounded friend on an L.A. freeway until help arrived.
  • 1988, Los Angeles Times, "Problem in the pits." Story on pit bull attacks.
  • 1988, AM Los Angeles. Chosen to train show mascot and give information on training and canine behavior on air.
  • 1989, Fox News, story on electric shock as training tool.
  • 1990, Consultant to KNBC NEWS on numerous stories about people and their dogs.
  • 1990, Washington Post, Article on the value of dogs to senior citizens.
  • 1992, Something You Should Know, syndicated radio interview show.
  • 1995, CNN, Interview on aggressive dogs and breed discrimination by insurance carriers
  • 1997, Seattle Washington, interviewed on local daily television show on topic of canine aggression and dogs biting children.
  • 1998, Better Homes and Gardens, interviewed on canine aggression and dog bites in the United States as well as safety measures for avoiding dog attacks.
  • 2008, Durham Herald Sun, Interviewed by Dan E. Way for article on tethering pets and whether it was animal abuse and if tethering increased canine aggression.
  • 2009, Radio City 96.7, Liverpool England, Interviewed live on the air by Craig Boardman about animal abuse and human/canine relationships.
  • 2009, Health Magazine, Interviewed by Bethany Harbison for article on surviving a dog attack.
  • 2009, Wide World Magazine, United Kingdom. Interviewed by Nicollette Mallow for article regarding animal bites.
  • 2010, Nexos Magazine, American Airlines in flight magazine for Latin America. Interviewed by Antonio Delgado on the history of the human/canine companion bond.
  • 2011, Dog Bites and Canine Aggression. Interviewed by attorney and host, Emery Brett Ledger on LEDGER ON THE LAW, Los Angeles radio show on KTLK AM 1150.
  • 2012, TODAY SHOW, interviewed about dog biting anchor during telecast and whether anchors actions caused dog to bite her.
  • 2012 RUNNERS WORLD MAGAZINE- Interviewed for story regarding a Pit Bull attack on a family of 5 runners in Southern California
  • 2012 CBS NEWS - On air interview regarding dog aggression and Pit Bull attacks by Abigail Sterling.
  • 2012 LAS VEGAS REVIEW/JOURNAL - Interview on Pit Bull ownership and problems with the breed including aggression.
  • 2013, WWL AM/FM, Tod Menesses, assistant program director, Interview on Pit Bull Attack in New Orleans
  • 2013, PAWSITIVE RADIO, Interview on signs of dog aggression and what owners should look out for.
  • 2015, BICYCLE MAGAZINE, Interview with Selene Yeager on Pit Bull attacks and how to avoid them.
  • 2015, WBBJTV, Interview on air with Kurt Mullin regarding dog attacks.
  • 2015, SWISS MAGAZINE, Interview with Anais Digonnet on dog attacks in the U.S.

Awards: Certificate of Commendation for services as canine behavior consultant for City of Manhattan Beach, CA.


  • Delta Society
  • American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Program
  • International Association of Canine Professionals: Professional Member
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